Examples of how to use Yourpay
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This document is dated Apr. 19. 2014
This document is updated Nov. 27 2014

Folder: payment_forward_and_return
Files in folder: 2 (getform.php, complete_payment.php)
Prepare the information you wished processed by the customer, and forward the customer (in their URL) to the Yourpay Payment Window.
After completion are we returning the user to your site again

Folder: payment_iframe
Files in folder: 1 (iframe.php)
The most common used way to perform a payment. Open Yourpay payment window in an Iframe, and let the user pay through our formula
Through this way, are you keeping the user at your own website, even that they are performing the payment on our server.

Folder: soap_capturepayment
Files in folder: 1 (capturepayment.php)
Capture a payment through SOAP/PHP code
Usable for automatic capture of payments, so you don't need to login to admin.yourpay.dk every time you wish to capture a payment

Folder: soap_transactionlist
Files in folder: 3 (captured_payments.php, deleted_payments.php, open_payments.php)
Get full list of all transactions related to your account.