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Releases: Yours3lf/rpi-vk-driver

RPi-VK-Driver v1.0

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Initial release of the new low level driver for the Raspberry Pi.

To install:

  1. run in the rpi-vk-driver folder
  2. run (as root) in the Vulkan-Loader folder
  3. run raspi-config (as root)
    3a) set GL driver to Full KMS
    3b) set memory split to 128 (optional)
    3c) set boot mode to console (optional, but preferred)

Note: if boot mode is set to Desktop, you'll need to switch tty console (eg. ctrl+alt+f1) for modesetting to work. Otherwise X won't let you do display modesetting. You can return to your desktop using ctrl+alt+f7.

To run vkQuake3 for the Raspberry Pi please follow the instructions here: