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YouthTree JS

A set of tools for common javascript functionality shared across YouthTree applications.

Developed primarily for TEDxPerth and Big Help Mob

Relies on Shuriken.

Currently provided tools

YouthTree JS provides a small number of different pieces of code for a variety of common tasks.

Out of the box, the main namespaces are:


A simple wrapper around CKEditor that unobtrusively sets up the jQuery adapter on fields with a class of .ckeditor on the container. Also, the width is set to deal with the common bhm-admin sides images.


Even more magic for YouthTree.CKEditor. Let's you mark a fieldset wrapper with .convertable and it'll automatically find the select and textarea, showing when the select has a format of "raw". Designed to work out of the box with how most almost-happy editors work.


Unobtrusive support for a simple way to clone the value between two different fields.

Ideally useful for things with a start and end time where you want to make it possible to provide a button to clone the value into the second.


Simple support for being unobtrusively added to a given form.

Also, will hook up jQuery UI datepickers.


Unobtrusively adds the Disqus html based on the presence of meta tags in the page with the names:

  • disqus-identifier
  • disqus-site
  • disqus-developer

Aka, super simple Disqus commenting for pretty much any website.


Simple, unobtrusive wrapper around the flickr api for use with the Flickr Gallery.


Gives the ability to pull in simple HTML from given flickr tags / photo set ids.


Generic facy-boxed autosetup and gallery features based on simple markup.


A set of common JS helper methods similar to their Rails counterparts, exposed via JS for use in arbitrary rails apps frontends.


We encourage all community contributions. Keeping this in mind, please follow these general guidelines when contributing:

  • Fork the project
  • Create a topic branch for what you’re working on (git checkout -b awesome_feature)
  • Commit away, push that up (git push your_remote awesome_feature)
  • Create a new GitHub Issue with the commit, asking for review. Alternatively, send a pull request with details of what you added.
  • Once it’s accepted, if you want access to the core repository feel free to ask! Otherwise, you can continue to hack away in your own fork.

Other than that, our guidelines very closely match the GemCutter guidelines here.

(Thanks to GemCutter for the contribution guide)


All code is licensed under the New BSD License and is copyright YouthTree. Please keep this in mind when contributing.