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MagicMirror² Module: YrNow

This is the official Yr Nowcast module for MagicMirror², which displays data from Yr. Nowcast data is only available for some Norwegian locations covered by the Norwegian weather radars. See Explanation (in Norwegian)! Sometimes the Nowcast will tell you "no precipitation next 90 minutes", while the weather symbol contains rain or snow. This is expected, since the weather symbol is based on a weather model and Nowcast is based on radar observations.

The temperature value is fetched from the current hour in the weather forecast for your location.

How to install

Remote into your Magic Mirror box using a terminal software and go to the modules folder:

cd ~/MagicMirror/modules

Clone the repository:

git clone

Add the module to the modules array in the config/config.js file by adding the following section. You can change this configuration later when you see this works:

	module: 'MMM-YrNow',
	position: 'top_right',
	config: {
		locationId: '1-73738',
        showWeatherForecast: true

Configuration options

Option Comment Default
locationId The unique Id found in the Url of any location on Yr I.e. Blindern (Oslo) 1-73738
showWeatherForecast If there's no precipitation in the nowcast, the weather forecast for the next period is shown. true