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a midi USB pedalboard using an Arduino micro
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This is the firmware for a configurable midi USB foot controller with 4 footswitches and 1 expression pedal. The project is built around the Arduino micro board.


I release this code under GPL V3 licence, the full text is in LICENSE.txt

Building the firmware

  1. Change the bootloader

    When you connect the USB port, the original bootloader writes 2 bytes in an unsafe way in the middle of the memory, and may corrupt some data. One solution is to use Hoodloader 2.

  2. Get additional libraries

    The following libraries can be installed from the library manager:

    • Adafruit GFX
    • Adafruit SSD1306
  3. Open and build midiPedalboard.ino and load it into the board.

Parts and pin layout

Parts for the configuration interface

  • a 128x64 SSD1306 screen, SPI version,
  • a rotary encoder and 2 capacitors for debouncing. Connect the capacitors between ground and each output of the rotary encoder. Mine are 100 nF but the value is not really important.
  • 2 momentary push buttons, one for "ok", the other for "cancel"

Foot control part

  • 4 momentary (normally open) switches. I recommend footswitches with soft touch.
  • 4 LEDs. They are used to show footswitch status.
  • 4 resistors, put each of them in series with an LED to limits their current
  • An expression pedal ;). You may also need a female jack connector. A switched connector is better because it can avoid a "floating input" when no expression pedal is connected.

Pin layout

Most of the pins are in setup.h and can be changed. Exception are:

  • MOSI of the Arduino, connected to the data input of the SSD1306 screen
  • SCK of the Arduino, connected to the clock input of the SSD1306 screen
  • pin 0/Rx of the Arduino, not yet used but reserved for midi reception
  • pin 1/Tx of the Arduino, used for midi transmission
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