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FlightAirMap is a fork of Barrie Spotter with map, airspaces, PDO and ADS-B support.

Browse through the data based on a particular aircraft, airline or airport or search through the database. See extensive statistics such as most common aircraft type, airline, departure & arrival airport and busiest time of the day, or just explore flights.

Flights are displayed on 2D or 3D map with layer from : OpenStreetMap, Mapbox, MapQuest, Yandex, Bing, Google,...

Satellites can also be displayed on 3D map. Santa Claus tracking is also available on december.

FlightAirMap also support marine (via AIS) and trackers.


You MUST have a source. No default sources are provided.

It can use as source ADS-B extended with format tsv, SBS (port 30003), raw (alpha support), VRS (aircraftlist.json), deltadb.txt from Radarcape and IVAO with format from phpVMS (/action.php/acars/data), whazzup, Virtual Airlines Manager,...

It also support glidernet APRS source.