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Pi hole

Ycarus (Yannick Chabanois) edited this page Feb 3, 2020 · 4 revisions

Install Pi-hole on VPS

Since VPS script 0.993, to install Pi-hole on OpenMPTCProuter VPS, you have to use this script after using VPS script (this configure Pi-hole to answer only on VPN interface): wget -O - | sh

You can select any interface and set any IPs during Pi-hole configuration, this will be modified for OpenMPTCProuter at the end.

Don't apply Pi-hole firewall rules.

To use Pi-hole in OpenMPTCProuter, you need to 'Save & Apply' the wizard again in System->OpenMPTCProuter. Web interface will be available on if you use Glorytun TCP, if you use Glorytun UDP.