Requesting a New Device

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In order for a new device to be added to Scrotter, there are various requirements that must be met.

Devices may be requested without these requirements, but they will take much longer to be added, and they may never actually be added. When they are, if they are, it also won't be the best quality. Fulfilling these requirements is a surefire way of getting your device added with a very high quality.


  • Devices need at least one PNG file, for the actual frame itself. Width should be nicely relative to other devices, not directly against the edge of your new device. The background should be transparent, and the cutout for the screenshot should be the resolution of the display of the device natively. Rarely are exceptions made.
  • You should list the resolution of the device when requesting it, along with the name of the device and its manufacturer.
  • Two more PNG files are highly encouraged, but not required: those are a gloss layer that goes on top of the device and screenshot, and an undershadow layer that goes beneath the bottom of the device. Both should be transparent and the same resolution as the device, correctly offset.
  • A fourth PNG may be added as an overlay for re-iteration of components on the phone that should not be glossed. If this layer is included, those components should NOT exist on the device originally.

Links to all of these images and the information needed should be posted to the Issues section with a [DEVICE] prefix in the subject field.

TIP: Vector-rendered PSDs are the best way to request a device. If one exists for your device, simply list the PSD and I can add it myself.