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Bioinformatics Group @ SMU

Research group led by Prof. Guangchuang Yu in School of Basic Medical Sciences, Southern Medical University


Research Interest

Microecological Analysis and Intervention

Analysis and intervention of gut microecology in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome based on phage-bacteria-human host interaction (supported by the National Science Foundation of China, No. 32270677).

Bioinformaitcs tool development

The research group has developed a variety of widely recognized bioinformatics tools in the fields of biomedical knowledge mining and knowledge discovery (e.g., clusterProfiler), phylogenetic data integration and visualization (e.g., treeio and ggtree), metagenomic data analysis (e.g., MicrobiotaProcess) and data visualization (e.g., ggbreak), etc., to help biologists explore and understand data.



  1. clusterProfiler clusterProfiler Public

    📊 A universal enrichment tool for interpreting omics data

    R 950 246

  2. ggtree ggtree Public

    🎄Visualization and annotation of phylogenetic trees

    R 808 169

  3. ChIPseeker ChIPseeker Public

    🎯 ChIP peak Annotation, Comparison and Visualization

    R 210 74

  4. MicrobiotaProcess MicrobiotaProcess Public

    🦠 A comprehensive R package for deep mining microbiome

    R 164 35

  5. ProjectYulab ProjectYulab Public

    ⏭️ Small coding tasks that enable you to participate in our development

    34 3

  6. plotbb plotbb Public

    🖌️ Grammar of Graphics for base plot

    R 52 7


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