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Generate standard DMCA requests based on templates
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Generate standard DMCA requests based on templates


一个用于生成DMCA请求的生成器 中文说明

1.Install and Use

git clone
cd DMCA-Generator
npm install
node index.js -t default -o DMCA


  • -t or --template Set the template. All templates are stored in the 'templates' folder.
  • -o or --output Set the name of the exported PDF file.
  • -p or --outputpath Set the exported directory.

2.Custom template

The template consists of two parts. It consists of a Markdown file with variables and a JSON file that records variable information (both file name prefixes must be the same, such as and aaa.json).

The variables in the Markdown file are in the following format

{{ example }} //Please note the space.

The JSON file is in the following format

        "name":"example", //Variable name
        "message":"Please input example", //Input tips
        "type":"string", //Variable type
        "default":"" //Variable default
        "message":"Please input example2",
        "type":"editor", // If the variable is multiple lines, it is recommended to use the editor to call the system editor.

Looking forward to your more rigorous DMCA template, welcome to PR and issue.

This generator is not limited to standard DMCA requests generation and can be used as a simple document generator.

License MIT

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