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NEW! new scripts are in newscripts.

  • : wget BGP data from collectors.txt.
  • : extract AS-AS links, prefix origins and monitors.

NOTE: collectors.txt is stale and to be updated.


Extract AS topology from 4 BGP data collection projects

  • Configuration

    • all scripts read ${TOPOLITEPATH}/, so ${TOPOLITEPATH} should be exported.
    • : declare paths to scripts, BGP raw data, topology data, log ...
    • the following commands need to be found in $PATH: bgpdump, gzip, bzip2, cat, find, perl, grep, sed, date, gnuplot
  • topo-lite runs via crontab:

0 1 * * * /lab/topology/topolite/scripts/
0 23 * * 5 /lab/topology/topolite/scripts/
  • Scripts:

    • bgpdump : A modified version of bgpdump.
    • : extract AS-AS links from a BGP raw data file (with bgpdump for MRT format data)
    • : extract links from a directory of raw data with
    • : run to process NEWLY downloaded raw data
    • : run to process raw data on given days
    • : aggregate links from individual collectors into a daily union file
    • : aggregate links from individual daily files into a monthly union file
    • : a uniq tool by utilizing perl's hash
    • : a uniq tool seperating IPv4 and IPv6 topology data
    • : a uniq -c tool
    • : generate the evolution graph of Internet topology
    • monthly.gnuplot : gnuplot script for drawing the evolution graph
    • : daily routine
    • : monthly routine
  • Repositories of BGP data collection projects: