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MuDroid is a mutation testing tool for Android testing in integeration level.


MuDroid requires Pillow and pexpect installed. MuDroid was tested with Python 2.7, Pillow 3.1.1 and pexpect 4.0.1.


  1. Run python <apk file> for full mutation testing.

  2. Run python <apk file> for mutants generation only.

  3. Run python <mutants dir> to simulate user input and get screenshots.

  4. Run python <screenshots dir> to analyze result and generate report.

5.(Optional) Run python <mutants dir> to generate html report from mutants json file.


Warning: The test suite is only suitable for Android devices/emulators with a 1920x1200 resolution(Preferably Nexus 7 2013 device or equivalent emulator).

An example for CleanCalculator with a sample test suite was included in this repository. To run the example, execute the shell script under example directory and then run python CleanCalculator.apk in the main directory. The screenshots and html report will be put under CleanCalculator/report folder.