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Python-pyhsm NEWS -- History of user-visible changes. -*- outline -*-
* Version 1.0.4b (unreleased)
** yhsm-import-keys: Support soft HSM AEAD generation.
** yhsm-decrypt-keys: Support generating AEADs.
** yhsm-decrypt-keys: Ignores non-modhex files in AEAD directory trees.
** yhsm-generate-keys: Bugfix that caused AEAD generation to fail.
** Added this NEWS file, based on debian/changelog in the Debian package.
* Version 1.0.4a (released 2012-06-26)
** Enable IPv6 --addr for network servers.
** Verifies communication with YubiHSM on initialization.
* Version 1.0.4 (released 2012-06-21)
** Match firmware 1.0.4.
Firmware adds flag YSM_USER_NONCE to address security problem
for some usages where AEADs could be decrypted by an attacker
capable of generating new AEADs.
** New file format for stored AEADs (code loading AEADs is backwards
** compatible), including key handle and nonce.
** AES CCM implementation compatible with YubiHSM in software, for
** transparency and to enable willfull decryption of AEADs.
** Tools to generate YubiKey secrets into AEADs as well as decrypt
** them to enable provisioning YubiKeys with the secrets.
* Version 1.0.3c (released 2012-01-05)
** First public release.
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