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Yubikey-c-client NEWS -- History of user-visible changes. -*- outline -*-
* Version 2.9 (unreleased)
* Version 2.8 (released 2012-06-15)
** ykclient: Add C++ namespace protection.
** Add multi-server support with curl_multi.
Enabled by default for YubiCloud servers.
Settable with the new library function set_template_urls() or
the urls parameter to ykclient_verify_otp_v2().
** Remove extra % in ykclient help.
** Add ca path option to ykclient, --ca.
Patch from Jay Kline <>.
** Make the nonce unique for consecutive calls to the same ykclient handle.
** Do url encoding of OTP before sending.
** Fix segfault on curl error.
Patch from Lee Hinman <>
* Version 2.7 (released 2011-11-23)
** Verify server signatures per default when a key is provided. The old
behavior can be restored with ykclient_set_verify_signature (ykc, 0);
Reported by Dominic Rutherford <>.
** Return YKCLIENT_BAD_SERVER_SIGNATURE on missing signature.
* Version 2.6 (released 2011-06-06)
** Use fprintf+exit instead of glibc-ism errx.
Reported by Jussi Sallinen <>.
** Indent code and replace // comments with /* */ comments (for C89).
** Fix dates of releases for 2.4 and 2.5 below (2011 not 2010).
* Version 2.5 (released 2011-05-31)
** Implement almost all of Validation protocol 2.0.
The part still known to be missing is parallell querys to all validation
servers using curl-multi. Includes significant patches by
Sebastien Martini <> and
* Version 2.4 (released 2011-03-02)
** Add possibility to supply validation service URL.
Patch by Remi Mollon <>.
** Make Validation protocol 2.0 servers not reject our requests.
They would reject our requests because they did not have a nonce
parameter. Patch by Remi Mollon <>.
** Add new API ykclient_set_ca_path to set a trusted CA certificates path.
** Fix issue with insecure rpath in the ykclient executable.
** Documentation converted to asciidoc after move to Github.
* Version 2.3 (released 2009-05-11)
** Add new API ykclient_set_client_b64 to set client key in b64 format.
** Fix memory leaks.
** Fix usage when sending multiple requests.
* Version 2.2 (released 2009-03-31)
** Add new API ykclient_set_client_hex to set client key in hex format.
** Change API ykclient_verify_otp to take a hex key rather than a binary one.
** Improved instructions in README on how to build the package.
* Version 2.1 (released 2009-03-25)
** Add new API ykclient_get_last_url, mostly for debugging purposes.
** Create signatures on requests.
* Version 2.0 (released 2009-03-25)
** Major rewrite of library.
The library changed name from libyubikey-client.* to libykclient.* and
the header file changed from libykclient.h to ykclient.h. All
interfaces were also renamed, see ykclient.h.
* Version 1.5 (released 2009-01-13)
** Add libtool -export-symbols-regex to restrict exported symbols.
** Avoid use of asprintf, to make it work under Solaris too.
** Fix memory leaks.
* Version 1.4 (released 2008-09-15)
** Added include paths to make aclocal find libcurl.m4.
Thanks to Oden Eriksson <>.
* Version 1.3 (released 2008-09-15)
** ykclient: Add new API yubikey_client_set_url_template.
Allows setting a private server to query.
* Version 1.2 (released 2008-07-24)
** ykclient: Set exit code as per OTP verification result.
Inspired by discussion in
** Install libykclient.h.
* Version 1.1 (released 2008-06-25)
** Install libykclient.h in $prefix.
* Version 1.0 (released 2008-06-17)
** Initial release, code from yubico-pam.
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