Client library written in Java for verifying YubiKey one-time passwords (OTPs).
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This repository contains a Java library with an accompanying demo server, as well as a JAAS module, to validate YubiKey OTPs (One-Time Passwords).

By default, this library uses the Yubico YubiCloud validation platform, but it can be configured for another validation server.

For more details on how to use a YubiKey OTP library, visit


Add this to your pom.xml:

// clientId and secretKey are retrieved from
YubicoClient client = YubicoClient.getClient(clientId, secretKey);

// otp is the OTP from the YubiKey
VerificationResponse response = client.verify(otp);
assert response.isOk();

After validating the OTP you should make sure that the publicId part belongs to the correct user. For example:

    .equals(/* Yubikey ID associated with the user */);

For a complete example, see the demo server.


The validation client depends on slf4j-api for logging. To get the actual logs and not receive warnings on System.out you will need to depend on a slf4j logger binding, for example slf4j-log4j with the following Maven configuration:


Read more

For more complete descriptions of methods and failure states, please see the JavaDoc.

If you want the client for the legacy version 1 of the API, it can be found here.