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add path option to man page

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1 parent 1eff1ad commit a535563ca06adc64965910c33dfdba1d469c6b86 @klali klali committed Jan 17, 2013
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5 ykpamcfg.1
@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@
ykpamcfg - Manage user settings for the Yubico PAM module.
.B ykpamcfg
-[\fI-1\fR | \fI-2\fR] [\fI-A\fR] [\fI-v\fR] [\fI-h\fR]
+[\fI-1\fR | \fI-2\fR] [\fI-A\fR] [\fI-p\fR] [\fI-v\fR] [\fI-h\fR]
.\" Add any additional description here
@@ -50,6 +50,9 @@ use slot 2.
\fB\-A \fIaction\fR
choose action to perform. See ACTIONS below.
+\fB\-p \fIpath\fR
+specify output file for, default is ~/.yubico/challenge
enable verbose mode.

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