Yubico Authenticator for Desktop (Windows, macOS and Linux)
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Yubico Authenticator

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Cross-platform application for generating Open Authentication (OATH) time-based TOTP and event-based HOTP one-time password codes, with the help of a YubiKey that protects the shared secrets.



  • Keep your OATH secrets safe by storing them on a YubiKey and generate the codes with this application.

  • Add a credential by scanning a QR code on the screen.

  • Supports 6, 7 or 8 digit codes.

  • Supports TOTP credentials with any time period.

  • Require touch on YubiKey to generate code.

  • Protect your credentials with a device password.

Supported devices

Usage of this software requires a compatible YubiKey device. Yubico Authenticator is capable of provisioning and using both slot-based credentials (compatible with any YubiKey that supports OTP) as well as the more powerful standalone OATH functionality found on the NEO and YubiKey 4 series. To use the standalone OATH functionality your YubiKey must have the CCID mode enabled, which can be done by using the YubiKey Manager.


Windows and macOS

Installers are available here.


$ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:yubico/stable
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install yubioath-desktop


Looking for a command line option? That is available in YubiKey Manager CLI with the ykman oath commands.