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A polybar configuration based on Nord colorscheme with support for multiple modules.
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Polybar Nord

Collection of Polybar theme and module.

The theme and module collection for Polybar based on Nord colors. This theme provides two bar setups, each of them has light and dark variants. Besides the official modules, there are also scripts from polybar-scripts and myself which are configured to suit the theme.


Table of Contents



Required dependency:

  1. Font Awesome

Optional dependency:

  1. Weather Icon(required by weather module to display weather icon)
  2. Dunst (required by notify module to display history notify)
  3. redshift (required by backlight module to toggle redshift service)

Install by git clone (recommand)

git clone ~/.config/polybar/

~/.config/polybar is the default path for polybar configuration, if you want to use other location, change ~/.config/polybar to your location and also change the location specified in the file.


  1. Enter the installation directory cd ~/.config/polybar.
  2. Run ./ light for light theme, and ./ dark for dark theme.
  3. For customization, most of the options are listed in nord-config file. For more details, check [File Structure](#File Structure) part.
  4. pkill polybar to kill the bars.

File Structure

dark-colors and light-colors

The color for dark and light theme. You don't need to edit these flies unless you want to change the color globally.

dark-config and light-config

The config files for dark and light theme. Most of the settings are covered by nord-config except font settings. You can change the font setting in these files.


The global config file. You can customize the position of the bars, DPI setting, modules, etc. The detailed help messages are in the comment for each option.

nord-top and nord-down

The modules for top and bottom bar setup. For some specific modules you need to edit these files. For more details of these modules check [Module Details](#Module Details).


The directory contains all the scripts and files that required by the modules.

Module Details

  1. alsa
  2. backlight
  3. date
  4. notify (基于dunst)
  5. network-detail
  6. network-short
  7. battery
  8. keyboard
  9. mpd
  10. i3
  11. workspace-name
  12. title
  13. weather
  14. info-hackspeed
  15. github
  16. daily-poem
  17. temperature
  18. memory
  19. cpu
  20. show-desktop


Display current volume. The default sound card is default, you can change this option in nord-config.

Bind Event
mouse left click toggle mute
scroll up volume + 5% for each
scroll down volume - 5% for each


Display current lightness of screen.

Bind Event
scroll up lightness + 5% for each
scroll down lightness - 5% for each
mouse left click toggle redshift


Display date and time.

Bind Event
mouse left click switch between date/time format


Notify icon.

Bind Event
mouse left click key event ctrl+grave, the default hotkey for dunst history notify


Display upload and download speed in KB/s. Need to set your network interface at nord-config.interface.


Display network connection icon. By defailt left click on the icon will call networkmanager-dmenu. For more details of this you can check networkmanager-dmenu.

Bind Event
mouse left click networkmanager-dmenu


Display battery infomation. Requires to set nord-config.battery-full-at, nord-config.battery-bat and nord-config.battery-adp.


Display keyboard CapsLock indicator.


Display mpd information. It is hidden when mpd process does not running. There are three layout corresponding to play, pause and stop.

  • Display full content when in play status, including pause, prev, artist - song, next, stop, progress bar, cycle and random.
  • Display part of the content when in pause status, including play, prev, artist - song, next, stop.
  • Display play only in stop status.

Requires nord-config.mpd-host and nord-config.mpd-port.


Display i3 workspace icon. Icon list can be customized in nord-top.

Bind Event
mouse left click i3-msg workspace
scroll up i3-msg workspace prev
scroll down i3-msg workspace next


Display the name of current workspace which is defined in the configuration of i3. The format should be index:identifier, for example 1:Home.


Display the title of current active window.


Display weather information from Openweather with scripts polybar/polybar-scripts/openweather-fullfeatured. Personal API and city code is required. For more detailed usage check the project's README.


Display the speed of inputting in cpm(char per minute) or wpm (word per minute). The script comes from polybar/polybar-scripts/info-hackspeed.


Display Chese poem. The API is from 今日诗词 API. Before usage you need to get your token from and replace mine in nord-dowm.

content index
日落,风 2
唐代·李白 宫中行乐词八首 1
烟花宜落日,丝管醉春风 0 (initial value)
Bind Event
scroll up index += 1
scroll down index -= 1
mouse left double click update poem and reset index


Display internal temperature. You can specify the thermal-zone in nord-config.thermal-zone, the default value is 0. When the temperature is lower than nord-config.base-temperature it will switch to lowest temperature layout; when the temperature is higher than nord-config.warn-temperature is will switch to warning temperature layout. The color of icon will change between base-temperature and warn-temperature, so set the proper values for your environment.


Display memory usage in the format used/total.


Display CPU usage.


Display desktop. By default it will switch to 25:Desktop. You can customize this in nord-down.

Bind Event
mouse left click i3-msg workspace 25:Desktop
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