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Just another Farbox theme.
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A modified farbox theme based on Farbox Default.

这是一个 FarBox 主题,基于 Farbox 的默认主题修改而来,提交仓库的时候随便就取了个 FarboxDefaultPlus 的名字,并不是改进版的意思啦。


基本上是一个自用的模板,有些地方,比如 site.title 已经写死了。


#Release Notes ##Version 1

  1. One column, one page. Clean and easy. Just another Ghost like blog;
  2. Color scheme inspired by dark blue and yellow;
  3. Page header fonts modified. Logo and header background removed, 'cause I'm not good at PS...
  4. Column condesend. I think one-wide-column webpage as CRIME. Imagine a book in landscape scale... only if it's a atlas or sth;
  5. 404 page modified. And TOP button added in everypage modeled after the home button on original 404 page;
  6. Template page modified(???)
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