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Nechonica fork. Forked from Malkeus's Compatible Nechronica.
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Nechr.onica fork. Forked from Malkeus's Compatible Nechronica.

WHY are you doing this: Okay, so there's the original Nechronica mod, a japanese mod about the tabletop game about zombie girls or something. Unfortunately, it was made in LUA. Since the removal of LUA in CDDA modding, this mod is no longer supported... Or is it?? Malkeus came to the rescue! He removed all those pesky LUAs and converted it into JSONs. Unfortunately, he didn't quite finish the job, and he stopped updating six months ago... Do you think this mod's going to be forgotten? Nahhh... I, Yukari, shall fix all the mod's problems and enhance it furthermore! This is actually my first project of mine. I started modding CDDA to fix this one mod. I might make a mod about more improvised weapons, but it comes later.

WHAT is this mod: It's a mod about zombie girls (called Dolls) in a post-apocalyptic world fighting against zombies employed by the Necromancer (the DM). It features zombie girls, gothic lolita, ridiculous weapons, mutations, bionics, and BOOT SHEATHS. There's the Undead Gun, which is basically four double-barrel shotguns combined into one monstrosity of a weapon. There's also combat lawnmowers, the bionic that allows you to rocket punch enemies, sweet mutations that simulate being a cobbled together undead being, zombie queens, and more! You can also be a male Doll, since CDDA has no concept of profession restrinction.

HOW can i help: You can suggest me anything you want in this mod. Or bug reports.

WHERE do i download it: It's right here! Just check out releases. Or, if you're feeling daring, click the clone button and put it on your mod folder.

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