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W207 Summer 2018 Group Project
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W207 Summer 2018 Group Project

Team members

  • Renzee Reyes
  • Tim Witthoefft
  • Jack Workman
  • Yulia Zamriy

Data set:

Dependent variables:

  1. Exercise name (squat, bench press, deadlift)
  2. Lifter segmentation

Project goals:

  1. Exercise classification. Exercise name is an open field (lifters can enter whatever they want or nothin at all). However, it is one of the key variables to analyze lifter performance. Hence, we would like to build an algorithm to determine exercise for each set based on its characteristics (weight, range of motion, velocity etc.)
  2. Lifter segmentation. Can we create distinct groups of lifters based on their lifting characteristics for each exercise (velocity, range of motion, weight)? This would help create semi-customized training programs.
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