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Project 4 "TravelAsk"

An API powered JQuery application built remotely through paired programming.

What if you could track down all of the most imporatnt information about your travel destination in one place? With travelAsk you can get all the most imporant details about your possible destination all in one place, at the click of a button.


  • Lawrence Hebia
  • Yuliana Hazda

Live site:

Project Requirements

  • It is clear to the user what the app does and results are displayed legibly
  • Adds to the DOM dynamically using JavaScript
  • App is dynamic based on user interaction (e.g. drop down menu, search field)
  • App interacts with at least one API
  • Code is organized using an object called "app" (i.e. it is namespaced)
  • GitHub repo has more than one significant commit from each student
  • App and interactions are accessible
  • Site is live on GH Pages or student's own URL
  • Errors are handled effectively
  • Consistent class naming convention is used throughout

Best Practise Requirements:

  • Extraneous code is removed (including console.log)
  • Semantic HTML elements are used properly
  • Setup snippet is used
  • Wrapper used to constrain content on large displays
  • One external .css stylesheet is used for whole project
  • It is clear to the user what the app does
  • Site is responsive and uses media queries
  • ID selectors should not be used to style elements
  • Sass selectors should not be nested more than 3 levels deep


Paired API-powered application with jQuery | jQuery | Javascript | SASS | CSS | HTML | RWD | WCAG 2.0






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