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YumaPro SDK YANG Modules

Contains the YumaWorks YANG modules used in YumaPro SDK software.

Latest YumaPro Release

YumaWorks maintains multiple release trains to increase stability. Each October a new release train is started. (e.g. 22.10, 23.10).

Only the latest version (23.10T) is maintained here. Use the modules included in the YumaPro package release for other release trains.

YumaWorks YANG Modules


These YANG modules were originally developed for the yuma open-source project. Several of the metadata modules are still used. Many of the modules in this directory have been replaced by standard versions of the module. They are maintained for archival purposes only, and not intended to be used.

Note that some yumaworks modules import some modules from this directory.


These YANG modules are used in some or all YumaPro programs. Some modules (e.g. netconfd-pro.yang) are used to define all the CLI and configuration parameters. Some modules are used internally by netconfd-pro and not advertised to any client protocols.

YumaWorks Software Packages


The yangcli-pro package provides a program for managing NETCONF and RESTCONF servers.


The yumapro-sdk-basic package provides a NETCONF Server and SDK for developing YANG server instrumentation.


The yumabench package provides a Qt6-based GUI for managing NETCONF servers.