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City Lights UI Theme

Image of the city lights UI theme

Image of the city lights UI theme

Image of the city lights UI theme

Image of the city lights UI theme

The City Lights UI Theme is a beautiful dark matte Atom UI theme that is designed with a developer's focus in mind. Enrich your Atom setup with a optimized Search & Replace toolbar, prettier error messages and many interface icons custom designed for the City Lights UI Theme.

This City Lights UI Theme is a part of City Lights; suite of beautiful matte dark themed goodies for Atom & Visual Studio Code. Make sure to also install the City Lights Syntax Theme and City Lights Icon Package for the best experience. For more information, please go to


Install the City Lights UI Theme via Atom by going to [Preferences/Settings > Install] and search for City Lights UI Theme (make sure you're searching under 'Themes'), or install through CLI $ apm install city-lights-ui


Are you enjoying the City Lights UI Theme? Don't hesitate to share your excitement. Also let us know if you run into bugs or have any other feedback by creating a Github issue.


The following licensing applies to City Lights Syntax Theme: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). For more information go to


The City Lights UI Theme is available for free. If you're enjoying the City Lights UI Theme, feel free to help us crank out updates even faster by donating a coffee to us via PayPal.

Built with ♥ by Yummygum

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