Code to reproduce experiments in paper "Signaling Pathway Activities Improve Prognosis for Breast Cancer"
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Cancer prognosis with hiPathia

This repo contains data and R codes for reproducing numerical results of the following paper:

Yunlong Jiao, Marta Hidalgo, Cankut Cubuk, Alicia Amadoz, Jose Carbonell-Caballero, Jean-Philippe Vert, and Joaquin Dopazo. "Signaling Pathway Activities Improve Prognosis for Breast Cancer." bioRxiv preprint bioRxiv-132357, 2017. bioRxiv-132357.

Quick start

See the notebook in results/notebook.[md|html] for the detailed pipeline, codes and results for the numerical experiments of this study.


The top level structure is as follows:

  • data/ - static RData to be used in running experiments, including
    • path.genes.vals.RData,[1|2].RData are gene-level profiles of breast tumors and surv.grps.RData is donor vital outcome, all downloaded from TCGA-ICGC data portal release No.20 and further processed as described in paper;
    • eff.vals.RData, path.vals.RData are pathway-level profiles, processed from gene expression with pathway analysis tool hiPathia;
    • fun.vals.RData, go.vals.RData are function-level profiles, processed from pathway activities with UniProt or GO annotations;
    • fpgs.RData contains detailed info of KEGG pathways modeled in paper.
  • results/ - results of numerical experiments, including
    • notebook.html is the project notebook with raw codes found in notebook.Rmd, markdown version in and figures saved in notebook_files/;
    • results.scores.txt contain evaluation scores of prediction performance and results.pathways.txt, results.othergenes.txt contain selected top features in each type of profile;
    • runPredict.R is the R script for running using different profiles to make prediction with an example shell script to submit parallelized tasks to SGE cluster in on parameters defined in runPredict.param.txt.
  • src/ - source code and general purpose scripts, including
    • func.R implements general functions and classifiers for the entire study.


To build the project notebook results/notebook.html locally, first make sure your local machine has installed the following R packages (or run the corresponding commands to install)

> require(rmarkdown)    # install.packages('rmarkdown')
> require(knitr)        # install.packages('knitr')
> require(devtools)     # install.packages('devtools')
> require(ggplot2)      # install.packages('ggplot2')
> require(igraph)       # install.packages('igraph')
> require( # source(''); biocLite('')
> require(GO.db)        # source(''); biocLite('GO.db')

then run in shell, which should take seconds to get the project notebook results/notebook.html

$ git clone
$ cd hipathiaCancerPrognosis/results/
$ Rscript -e "rmarkdown::render('notebook.Rmd', output_format = 'all')"

Note that in order to build the project from scratch, one needs to run the predictions to obtain the three results files results/results.[scores|pathways|othergenes].txt, which requires to run runPredict.R before building the project notebook. See results/notebook.html for detail.

Built with


  • Yunlong Jiao - main contributor
  • Marta Hidalgo - data processing with hiPathia