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# Install another version of php.
# usage: ynh_install_php --phpversion=phpversion [--package=packages]
# | arg: -v, --phpversion - Version of php to install. Can be one of 7.1, 7.2 or 7.3
# | arg: -p, --package - Additionnal php packages to install
ynh_install_php () {
# Declare an array to define the options of this helper.
local legacy_args=vp
declare -Ar args_array=( [v]=phpversion= [p]=package= )
local phpversion
local package
# Manage arguments with getopts
ynh_handle_getopts_args "$@"
# Store php_version into the config of this app
ynh_app_setting_set $app php_version $phpversion
if [ "$phpversion" == "7.0" ]
ynh_die "Do not use ynh_install_php to install php7.0"
# Store the ID of this app and the version of php requested for it
echo "$YNH_APP_INSTANCE_NAME:$phpversion" | tee --append "/etc/php/ynh_app_version"
# Add an extra repository for those packages
ynh_install_extra_repo --repo=" $(lsb_release -sc) main" --key="" --priority=995 --name=extra_php_version
# Install requested dependencies from this extra repository.
# Install php-fpm first, otherwise php will install apache as a dependency.
ynh_add_app_dependencies --package="php${phpversion}-fpm"
ynh_add_app_dependencies --package="php$phpversion php${phpversion}-common $package"
# Set php7.0 back as the default version for php-cli.
update-alternatives --set php /usr/bin/php7.0
# Remove this extra repository after packages are installed
ynh_remove_extra_repo --name=extra_php_version
# Advertise service in admin panel
yunohost service add php${phpversion}-fpm --log "/var/log/php${phpversion}-fpm.log"
ynh_remove_php () {
# Get the version of php used by this app
local phpversion=$(ynh_app_setting_get $app php_version)
if [ "$phpversion" == "7.0" ] || [ -z "$phpversion" ]
if [ "$phpversion" == "7.0" ]
ynh_print_err "Do not use ynh_remove_php to install php7.0"
return 0
# Remove the line for this app
sed --in-place "/$YNH_APP_INSTANCE_NAME:$phpversion/d" "/etc/php/ynh_app_version"
# If no other app uses this version of php, remove it.
if ! grep --quiet "$phpversion" "/etc/php/ynh_app_version"
# Purge php dependences for this version.
ynh_package_autopurge "php$phpversion php${phpversion}-fpm php${phpversion}-common"
# Remove the service from the admin panel
yunohost service remove php${phpversion}-fpm
# If no other app uses alternate php versions, remove the extra repo for php
if [ ! -s "/etc/php/ynh_app_version" ]
ynh_secure_remove /etc/php/ynh_app_version
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