Mozilla’s Sync Server for Yunohost
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Mozilla’s Sync Server for Yunohost

yunohost status

The Sync Server (ex Weaver) provides a replacement for Firefox’s default server (hosted at Mozilla). Its code is available on the Sync-1.5 Server documentation (no official documentation yet for the 1.6.x as it is really the bleeding edge version).

By default, a server set up will defer authentication to the Mozilla-hosted accounts server at So you will still have to authenticate at Mozilla, but the storage of your information will be done on your host.

Shipped Sync Server version: 1.6.2 (still 1.5 API)

Getting Started

Install it with the current url via the admin interface, or for a verbose install using sudo yunohost app install --verbose.

Once installed, reaching http://domain.tld/path/ should show a page explaining how to configure it. Otherwise please refer to the Yunohost page.

welcoming page


From the sources directory, do as follows:

make build

make test

./local/bin/gunicorn --reload --paste syncserver.ini instead of the classical make serve to take into account changes you will surely do by developping the app.


Apart from the typical service ffsync status, you might want to see what requests cause errors by coloring them:

tail -f /var/log/ffsync.log | perl -pe 's/.*404.*/\e[1;31m$&\e[0m/g'