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YunoHost package for Firefly III: a personal finances manager
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Firefly III v4.7.8 for YunoHost

Integration level

Install Firefly III with YunoHost

Please note that this app will install PHP 7.2


"Firefly III" is a (self-hosted) manager for your personal finances. It can help you keep track of your expenses and income, so you can spend less and save more. Firefly III supports the use of budgets, categories and tags. It can import data from external sources and it has many neat financial reports available. You can read all about it in the main repository and in the official documentation.

Interesting links


The index of Firefly III The account overview of Firefly III

Overview of all budgets Overview of a category


Most importantly...

  • Firefly III runs on your own server, so you are fully in control of your data. It will not contact other sites or servers.
  • You can import from over 2500 financial providers, in 55 countries when you enable the Spectre API.
  • You can import from bunq.
  • You can import CSV files from practically any bank.
  • Firefly III features an JSON REST API.

But actually, it features:

Everything is organised:

  • Clear views that should show you how you're doing
  • Easy navigation through your records
  • Browse back and forth to see previous months or even years
  • Lots of charts because we all love them
  • Financial reporting showing you how well you are doing
  • Lots of math because we all like math!

Installation on YunoHost

Register a new domain and add it to YunoHost

Firefly III requires a dedicated (sub)domain, so obtain one and add it using the YunoHost admin panel. Domains -> Add domain. As Firefly III uses the full domain and is installed on the root, you can create a subdomain such as firefly.domain.tld. Don't forget to update your DNS if you manage them manually.

Install the Firefly III application

Use the YunoHost admin panel to install Firefly III by entering the GitHub repo address in the custom app URL:

Or use the command line to install the Firefly III app:

$ yunohost app install
  • The admin user should be a registered YunoHost user.
  • Important: when the installation is complete, you will have to visit the domain on which the app is installed and register the first account with the primary email address of the Admin user given at the time of installayion (otherwise you will not get admin rights). The registration will lock itself after the first registration.
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