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Friendica social network for YunoHost

Integration level

Install Friendica with YunoHost

Friendica integration for YunoHost

Current snapshot in sources:

Important Notes

Before installing, read the Friendica installation instructions for important information about

Note:You can use accounts from YunoHost's LDAP. There are not yet active SSO.


  • Installation and remove script.
  • Ldap integration.
  • Upgrade script
  • Backup and restore script.
  • Multi-instance


Register a new domain and add it to YunoHost

Friendica requires a dedicated domain, so obtain one and add it using the YunoHost admin panel. Domains -> Add domain. As Friendica uses the full domain and is installed on the root, you can create a subdomain such as friendica.domain.tld. Don't forget to update your DNS if you manage them manually.

Friendica requires browser-approved SSL certificates. If you have certificates not issued by Let's Encrypt, install them manually as usual.

Install the Friendica application

Use the YunoHost admin panel to install Friendica by entering the GitHub repo address in the custom app URL

Make sure to select your domain from the previous section as the application domain.

After the installation,login with the username provided at the time of the installaion with your SSO password.You can then create your profile and access the admin panel from the button in the center of the top nav bar, just adjecent to the search bar.(The admin panel don't have text,so don't get confuse with it) Public users can register and use the instance as normal users. SSO users can login with there username and password as normal users too.