Yunohost app for Ihatemoney budget web app
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Yunohost app for « I hate money » budget web app

Install « I hate money » with YunoHost

  • Supported Yunohost versions : 2.6.x, 2.7.x 3.x
  • Tested Yunohost version : 3.3.1

NB: That means I'll try not to drop support for YunoHost 2.x too soon, and accept patches to keep retro-compatibility, but I'll not test it myself against YunoHost 2.x

Backs on MySQL database, the identifiers are per-project, not per-user, so no way to do advanced SSO integration with yunohost accounts.

The behaviour is either:

  • non-public app:
    • yunohost login required
    • per-project identifiers required
    • any yunohost user with authorized access to the app can create a new project).
  • public app :
    • no yunohost login required
    • per-project identifiers required
    • any visitor can create a new project.


To update the app, use:

sudo yunohost app upgrade ihatemoney -u


I rely on ihatemoney official releases (tarballs). Don't hesitate to pull-request this repo if I missed one :-).

Ihatemoney license

The code is distributed under a BSD beerware derivative: if you meet the people in person and you want to pay them a craft beer, you are highly encouraged to do so.

Full license text