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Kodi for YunoHost

This package is currently under development, install it at your own risk.

Kodi transform your YunoHost server on media center that is designed to look great on your big screen TV but is just as home on a small screen.

Shipped version:

  • 16.1 on Debian from jessie backports
  • 17.3 on Raspberry from official raspbian repo

Install Kodi with YunoHost

Current package status

  • The scprit use jessie backports to install Kodi 16 on x86 machines (We have to wait for YunoHost Debian Strech support or use testing source)
  • A dedicated kodi user is create
  • Use of systemd
  • You can launch Kodi with the sudo systemctl start kodi command or stop Kodi with sudo systemctl stop kodi
  • You can choose if you want that Kodi start at YunoHost server statup
  • You can access to the control web interface from the YunoHost pannel
  • Kodi directly start after package installation
  • Start and stop Kodi from Admin YunoHost services tab
  • SSOWat pannel

To do

  • Test control web interface on Raspberry
  • Switch from skipped_uri to protected_uri and try if it still works for jsonrpc and image location
  • Check if webserver port (8080) is free