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Mediadrop for YunoHost

Integration level
Install Mediadrop with YunoHost

This package allow you to install Mediadrop quickly and simply on a YunoHost server.
If you don't have YunoHost, please see here to know how to install and enjoy it.


MediaDrop provides unparalleled organization, statistics, accessibility, and scalability. Well-designed and well-engineered it is the ideal solution for any organization with large collections of video or audio.

MediaDrop est la solution idéale pour les personnes ou organisations souhaitant diffuser de la vidéo ou de l'audio..

Shipped version: 0.10.3




![](Link to an screenshot for this app)


  • [Official demo](Link to a demo site for this app)


How to configure this app: by an admin panel, a plain file with SSH, or any other way.


  • Official documentation: Link to the official documentation of this app
  • YunoHost documentation: If specific documentation is needed, feel free to contribute.


Access the site administration by writing the following address in your browser.


User is "admin" and password is "admin"


Accéder à l'administration du site en écrivant l'adresse suivante dans votre navigateur.


Le nom d'utilisateur est "admin" et le mot de passe "admin"

YunoHost specific features

Multi-users support

Are LDAP and HTTP auth supported? Can the app be used by multiple users?

Supported architectures

  • x86-64b - Build Status
  • ARMv8-A - Build Status
  • Jessie x86-64b - Build Status


  • Any known limitations.

Features for Yunohost app

Play as the service

Restart mediadrop

sudo systemctl stop mediadrop sudo systemctl start mediadrop sudo systemctl status mediadrop

Restart uWSGI

sudo systemctl stop mediadrop.uwsgi sudo systemctl start mediadrop.uwsgi sudo systemctl status mediadrop.uwsgi


If you have this error into syslog file ?

Use 'mysqld --thread_stack=#' to specify a bigger stack.")

This is because the thread_stack option is not high enough. This option manages the stack size for each thread.

Replace into this file /etc/mysql/my.cnf

thread_stack = 128K


thread_stack = 156K

You can adjust it, the mysql documentation says this.

The default of 192KB (256KB for 64-bit systems) is large enough for normal operation. If the thread stack size is too small, it limits the complexity of the SQL statements that the server can handle, the recursion depth of stored procedures, and other memory-consuming actions.

Source: Documentation MySQL

Fonctionnalité pour MediaDrop

Jouer avec les services

Relancer MediaDrop

sudo systemctl stop mediadrop sudo systemctl start mediadrop sudo systemctl status mediadrop

Relancer uWSGI

sudo systemctl stop mediadrop.uwsgi sudo systemctl start mediadrop.uwsgi sudo systemctl status mediadrop.uwsgi

Problème rencontré

Si vous rencontez cette erreur dans le fichier syslog ?

Use 'mysqld --thread_stack=#' to specify a bigger stack.")

C'est que l'option thread_stack n'est pas assez élevé. Cette option de gérer la taille de la pile pour chaque thread.

Remplacer dans le fichier /etc/mysql/my.cnf

thread_stack = 128K


thread_stack = 156K

Vous pouvez l'ajuster, la documentation mysql dit ceci.

La valeur par défaut de 192 Ko (256 Ko pour les systèmes 64 bits) est suffisamment grande pour un fonctionnement normal. Si la taille de la pile de fil est trop petite, elle limite la complexité des instructions SQL que le serveur peut gérer, la profondeur de récursion des procédures stockées et d'autres actions consommant de la mémoire.

Source: Documentation MySQL

Additional information

  • Other information you would add about this application

More information on the documentation page:


Developers info

Only if you want to use a testing branch for coding, instead of merging directly into master. Please do your pull request to the testing branch.

To try the testing branch, please proceed like that.

sudo yunohost app install --debug
sudo yunohost app upgrade mediadrop -u --debug