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minchat_ynh : minchat for Yunohost

minchat_ynh is a free minimalist chat application packaged for Yunohost. It is based on wojtek77/chat, itself based on Gabriel Nava's tutorial.


  • Simple web chat: only requires a browser ; no XMPP application
  • No need for users to register. Just need the web address. But optional authorisation control.
  • On connection, the page is fed with the messages of the day
  • Args are in the URL as get arguments, so that you can share the URL or make it a favorite to avoid filling a form.
    Example :
  • Optionaly multi room


On Yunohost

Via the admin web console, type in:
Or on ssh : sudo yunohost app install

Upgrade: sudo yunohost app upgrade minchat -u


Download, unzip and just copy the content of the sources folder to any folder of your web site.


The setup is optional. If you leave it as is, there is a single unnamed room, opened to all users. If you want to customize the access control, edit the file conf/setup.ini (if missing, copy it from conf/sample/setup.ini). The interesting parameter is auth that indicates which user is authorized to which room.

In this example auth = John:Game,John:Family,Mary:Game,Tim:Family,admin:*,*:Public,*:,

  • John:Game,John:Family = John can access the Game room, the Family room
  • Mary:Game = Mary can access the Game room
  • Tim:Family = Tim can access the Family room
  • admin:* = admin can access all rooms
  • *:Public = everybody can acccess the Public room
  • *: = everybody can access the unnamed room

Screen shot


Hints for users

  • The URLs you send are linked or transformed to images when preceeded by a !
  • If multiple rooms are allowed by the administrator in the setup.ini, you can have several tabs opened to different rooms in the same browser