Monica an open source personal relationship management system
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Monica app for YunoHost

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Installer Monica with YunoHost

Shipped version: 2.11.2

Personal Relationship Manager


Monica is an open-source web application to organize the interactions with your loved ones. I call it a PRM, or Personal Relationship Management. Think of it as a CRM (a popular tool used by sales teams in the corporate world) for your friends or family.


This app will install PHP7.1
 sudo yunohost app install

First User Registraion: Visit the app domain after the installtion is complete to register as first user. After the first user is registerd the registration will be locked. You can open the register for all by chaning the value APP_DISABLE_SIGNUP to false in .env. There is no admin interface in the Monica app currently.


 sudo yunohost app upgrade -u monica

Change the settings of the app by changing the values in .env

What works?

  • Update and remove script
  • Upgrade script
  • Backup and restore script (Need testing)
  • Multi-instance (Need testing)
  • make root domain redirect to index.php
  • Chang URL (Need testing,backup before trying this)
  • LDAP/SSO support
  • Make monica installable into subdirectory (eg.
    • Currently it is only possible to install monica into the root of a domain (eg.
    • This is due to a limitation in monica, not yunohost!
    • See here for the current progress.