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OnlyOffice for YunoHost

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Install OnlyOffice with YunoHost

Lire ce readme en français.

This package allows you to install OnlyOffice quickly and simply on a YunoHost server. If you don't have YunoHost, please consult the guide to learn how to install it.


ONLYOFFICE Document Server is an online office suite comprising viewers and editors for texts, spreadsheets and presentations, fully compatible with Office Open XML formats: .docx, .xlsx, .pptx and enabling collaborative editing in real time.

Online collaborative edition of ONLYOFFICE documents requires:

  1. a server part, with two installation options:

    1. ONLYOFFICE Document Server packaged for YunoHost.
    2. The Community Document Server for Nextcloud
  2. a client part, such as:

    1. The ONLYOFFICE connector for Nextcloud
    2. The ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors

A solution made easy by YunoHost is to install (1.i) and (2.i), see section below. The Nextcloud addicts may follow this tutorial to install (1.ii) and (2.i) on one Nextcloud instance. However, performance and architecture are limited.

Shipped version: 7.5~ynh1



Screenshot of OnlyOffice

Disclaimers / important information


  • A free 30 days demo of Document Server is available from ONLYOFFICE connector for Nextcloud:
    • Install Nextcloud and the ONLYOFFICE app (connector).
    • Go in the Nextcloud administrator settings, section ONLYOFFICE.
    • Tick the box Connection to demo ONLYOFFICE Document Server in Server Parameters.
  • Some testing is also possible using ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editor.


You should not install ONLYOFFICE on your main YunoHost domain, especially if you want to use it with a Nextcloud installed on the same domain.

  • Add a new domain for ONLYOFFICE in YunoHost.
    • If your main YunoHost domain was provided by YunoHost, e.g., then you don't have to buy/register a new domain name.
    • Just click on I already have a domain.
    • Type e.g. and click on Add.
  • Add a Let's Encrypt certificate for this domain.

Configuration of ONLYOFFICE Server

  • Assuming that:
    • yunohost.domain is your main YunoHost domain.
    • You have configured office.yunohost.domain for ONLYOFFICE, see Prerequisite above.
    • You have Nextcloud installed on yunohost.domain/nextcloud or nextcloud.yunohost.domain.
  • Install ONLYOFFICE using CLI or webadmin.
    • Choose a domain name for ONLYOFFICE that is different from your Nextcloud domain, e.g. office.yunohost.domain (or, see previous section).
    • Choose a path for ONLYOFFICE, e.g. / if you install on office.yunohost.domain (do not install any other app on this domain).
    • The domain of your Nextcloud instance, e.g. yunohost.domain/nextcloud or nextcloud.yunohost.domain.
    • Is it a public application? If you want to connect it to Nextcloud, ONLYOFFICE should be public: then select Yes or tick the box.

How to edit ONLYOFFICE documents?

Web Edition in Nextcloud

Prerequisite: ONLYOFFICE should be public, see previous section.

  • In Nextcloud apps store, install ONLYOFFICE, i.e. the ONLYOFFICE connector for Nextcloud.
  • Go in the Nextcloud settings > Administration > ONLYOFFICE > Server settings > Address of the Document Server.
  • Give the installation domain of your onlyoffice, e.g. https://office.yunohost.domain/.
  • Give the secret key that was sent to you by email during the install (you can also retrieve it with the CLI command sudo
  • Click Save.
  • Create a new document and enjoy!

Desktop Edition on PC

  • Download and install a ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors.
  • Start ONLYOFFICE and Go to Connect to cloud > Add cloud.
    • Select ONLYOFFICE and give the installation domain of your ONLYOFFICE, e.g. office.yunohost.domain
    • or (only if you connected ONLYOFFICE to Nextcloud, see previous section).
    • Select Nextcloud and give your Nextcloud installation domain, e.g. yunohost.domain/nextcloud.
  • Create a new document and enjoy!

Documentation and resources

Developer info

Please send your pull request to the testing branch.

To try the testing branch, please proceed like that.

sudo yunohost app install --debug
sudo yunohost app upgrade onlyoffice -u --debug

More info regarding app packaging: