Osada/Zap (lesser known Zot6) is a decentralised social networking supporting Mastodon, Pleroma, Pixelfed, PeerTube, Funkwhale, Zap, Friendica, Hubzilla, and many more.
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Osada/Zap for Yunohost

Integration level

Install osada with YunoHost

Shipped version: 1.6


Osada uses Zot6 protocol which is next version of zot5 protocol used by Hubzilla. Osada has native support for the ActivityPub protocol (W3C standard) as well as the more advanced features. It can inter-operate with other social networking applications and projects in either of these spaces, including Mastodon, Pleroma, Pixelfed, PeerTube, Funkwhale, Zap, Friendica, Hubzilla, and many more.

Osada is a social networking platform specifically designed to be the glue that binds much of the decentralised web in a way that has not been possible before. It does this not by magic, but by “speaking the language” of the various decentralised networks and acting as a translator to pass information between them. Using Osada, you can seamlessly connect and share with your contacts whether they have an account on a Hubzilla server, a Mastodon server, or any of several popular platforms on the open web.


Zap is a full featured social network application running under the Zot6 protocol. It provides enhanced privacy modes and identity/content mirroring across multiple servers ("nomadic identity"). It does not "federate" with non-nomadic servers, protocols, or projects like Mastodon, Pleroma, Pixelfed, PeerTube, Funkwhale, Friendica,.

Important points to know before installing Osada

  1. Osada/Zap needs a valid certificate for your domain before installing Osada. For eg. Lets Encrpypt can be installed from Yunohost admin planel.
  2. You have to choose between Osada or Zap protocol while installtion. Once selected the protocol cannot be changed.
  3. Osada/Zap will require a root domain. Eg. osada.domain.tld
  4. Osada/Zap is Ldap enabled.
  5. Osada is multi-instance app. That means the app can be installed multiple times on a server.
  6. For logs: Go to admin-> logs and enter the file name as php.log.