Pleroma is an OStatus-compatible social networking server written in Elixir, compatible with GNU Social and Mastodon
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Pleroma app for Yunohost

Integration level

Install pleroma with YunoHost

Pleroma Gitlab repo


Pleroma is an OStatus and ActivityPub compatible social networking server written in Elixir, compatible with GNU Social and Mastodon. It is high-performance and can run on small devices like a Raspberry Pi.

For clients it supports both the GNU Social API with Qvitter extensions and the Mastodon client API.

For user friendly details about Pleroma: see here

Mastodon web front-end for Pleroma: Add /web in front of your Pleroma domain, eg. pleroma.domain.tld/web

Mobile clients that work with Pleroma:

  • Twidere
  • Tusky
  • Pawoo (Android + iOS)
  • Subway Tooter
  • Amaroq (iOS)
  • Tootdon (Android + iOS)
  • Tootle (iOS)

Important points to read before installing

  1. Pleroma require a dedicated root domain, eg. pleroma.domain.tld
  2. Pleroma require a valid certificate installed on the domain. Yunohost can install Letsencrypt certificate on the domain from admin web-interface or through command-line.
  3. This package is multi-instance that means you can run multiple Pleroma instances on a single server.
  4. There is No LDAP support for Pleroma yet.

Admin Tasks

Go to cd /var/www/pleroma/pleroma.

Register a User


$ sudo -u pleroma MIX_ENV=prod mix register_user <name> <nickname> <email> <bio> <password>

The name appears on statuses, while the nickname corresponds to the user, e.g. @nickname@instance.tld

Password reset


$ MIX_ENV=prod mix generate_password_reset username 

This will generate a password reset link that you can then send to the user.


You can make users moderators. They will then be able to delete any post.


$ MIX_ENV=prodmix set_moderator username [true|false] 

True option will make the user moderator and flase will take away the moderator privileges from the user.