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Transpay is a donation interface for Stripe. This is a Yunohost package to install it.
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Trans Pay for Yunohost Donate with Trans Pay


Trans Pay is developed by Collectif Trans Posé·e·s for our own use and that of other associations. This tool is used to receive and manage donations:

  • Supports one-time and monthly donations
  • Process cards with Stripe
  • Flexible and customizable



Important notes

  • For now you should need to tweak your dovecot / postfix configuration according to this pending PR and create the corresponding /etc/postfix/sender_login_maps to allow the user transpay to send emails as transpay@domain.tld (or the url of your choice, but gotta be consistent with what's in config.ini). Otherwise transpay won't be able to send email and that'll break stuff.
  • More generally, you might want to tweak config options in config.ini after installing.
  • You should make sure to test that everything's working fine before actually telling people about your transpay instance. For this, you can use test token APIs (available in Stripe's interface) and the test card numbers
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