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Build your own YunoHost Vagrant box

Get Debian base boxes

vagrant box add debian/contrib-jessie64

Note: You can only add Jessie base box as Wheezy support is now discontinued for YunoHost

Build YunoHost boxes

Download the vagrant file to build from debian boxes

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/YunoHost/Vagrantfile/master/prebuild/Vagrantfile

Run your homemade boxes

Run the box you need by calling vagrant up DEBIAN_CODENAME-YUNOHOST_VERSION

vagrant up jessie-stable
  • DEBIAN_CODENAME: Only jessie for now.
  • DISTRIB: stable, testing and unstable.

You can now log into your box with vagrant ssh jessie-stable

Package your own boxes

You can package it to use it more quickly later:

vagrant up jessie-stable
vagrant package jessie-stable  --output ./my-yunohost-stable.box
vagrant box add my-yunohost/stable ./my-yunohost-stable.box