YunoHost apps directory
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YunoHost apps directory

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Here you will find the repositories and versions of every apps integrated in YunoHost.


  • official.json contains the repository information of validated apps.
  • community.json contains all references to known YunoHost packages. If you want to add your app to the list, please send a Pull Request


The official package list is automatically fetched. If you want to enable the community package list on your YunoHost instance:

sudo yunohost app fetchlist -n community -u


How to add your app to the community list

  • Fork and edit the community list
  • Add your app's ID and git information at the right alphabetical place
  • Indicate the app's functioning state: notworking, inprogress, or working
  • Send a Pull Request

App example addition:

    "wallabag": {
        "branch": "master",
        "revision": "c2fc62438ac5c9503e3f4ebfdc425ec03a0ec0c0",
        "url": "",
        "state": "working"

N.B. : You can now put HEAD as revision. This way, you won't have to come and update this file each time you change things in your app. But this also means that any change to your master branch will be made available to everybody. Hence, when developing things which are not production-ready, if you use HEAD we strongly recommend that you develop in a testing branch (for instance) until you consider things stable enough to be merged in master.

How to help translating

We invite you to use instead of doing Pull Request for files in locales folder.

Helper script

You can use the python script to add or update your app from one of the 2 json files.


./ [community.json OR official.json] [github/gitlab url OR app name [github/gitlab url OR app name [github/gitlab url OR app name ...]]]

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