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YunoHost apps directory

roundcube ttrss wordpress transmission jappix

Here you will find the repositories and versions of every apps integrated in YunoHost.


  • official.json contains the repository information of validated apps.
  • community.json contains all references to known YunoHost packages. If you want to add your app to the list, please send a Pull Request


The official package list is automatically fetched. If you want to enable the community package list on your YunoHost instance:

sudo yunohost app fetchlist -n community -u



How to add your app to the community list

  • Fork and edit the community list
  • Add your app's ID and git information at the right alphabetical place
  • Indicate the app's functioning state: notworking, inprogress, or working
  • Send a Pull Request

App example addition:

    "wallabag": {
        "branch": "master",
        "revision": "c2fc62438ac5c9503e3f4ebfdc425ec03a0ec0c0",
        "url": "",
        "state": "working"

Helper script

You can use the python script to add or update your app from one of the 2 json files.


./ [community.json OR official.json] [github url OR app name [github url OR app name [github url OR app name ...]]]

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