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YunoHost apps directory
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YunoHost apps directory

Here you will find the repositories and versions of every apps integrated in YunoHost.


Situation will change soon regarding lists. Consider this info as obsolete

  • official.json contains the repository information of validated apps.
  • community.json contains all references to known "free-software" YunoHost packages. If you want to add your app to the list, please send a Pull Request
  • apps.json contains all references to known YunoHost packages. If you want to add your app to the list, please send a Pull Request. This list replace both community.json and official.json.


The official package list is automatically fetched. If you want to enable the apps package list on your YunoHost instance:

sudo yunohost app fetchlist -n apps -u


How to add your app to the apps list

If your app is under a free-software licence :

  • Fork and edit the apps list
  • Add your app's ID and git information at the right alphabetical place
  • Indicate the app's functioning state: notworking, inprogress, or working
  • Do not add the level yourself. The CI will do it.
  • Send a Pull Request

App example addition:

    "wallabag": {
        "branch": "master",
        "revision": "c2fc62438ac5c9503e3f4ebfdc425ec03a0ec0c0",
        "url": "",
        "state": "working"

N.B. : You can now put HEAD as revision. This way, you won't have to come and update this file each time you change things in your app. But this also means that any change to your master branch will be made available to everybody. Hence, when developing things which are not production-ready, if you use HEAD we strongly recommend that you develop in a testing branch (for instance) until you consider things stable enough to be merged in master.

N.B. 2 : Organization is still debating about what to do with non-free apps listing (cf. this thread. Such a list is unlikely to be maintained by the YunoHost project officially. However, it could be created and maintained by member of the community. Check out the forum about this.

How to help translating

We invite you to use instead of doing Pull Request for files in locales folder.

Helper script

You can use the python script to add or update your app from one of the 2 json files.


./ apps.json [github/gitlab url OR app name [github/gitlab url OR app name [github/gitlab url OR app name ...]]]

How to make my app a High Quality app ?

A High Quality app will be highlighted in the app list and marked as a level 8 app.
To become a High Quality app, a package has to follow the following rules:

  • The app should already have been in the community list for 2 months.
  • The app should be kept up to date, regarding the upstream source (if it’s possible with our current YunoHost version).
  • The package itself should be up to date regarding the packaging recommendations and helpers.
  • The package should be level 7 for at least 1 month.
  • The repository should have testing and master branches, at least. The list should point to HEAD, so the list stays up to date.
  • Any modification should be done to the testing branch, and wait at least for one approval of one member of the Apps group so that we can ensure that there’s nothing in opposition to those criteria, nor any changes that would harm servers.
  • The package should comply with the requirements of the level 8.

You can find the validation form used by Apps group here.

If the app is already tagged as High Quality and one of those criteria isn't respected anymore: after a warning, the tag will be removed until the criterion is again validated.

To make an app a High Quality app, technically, you have to add the tag "high_quality": true.

    "wallabag": {
        "branch": "master",
        "high_quality": true,
        "revision": "HEAD",
        "url": "",
        "state": "working"

How to make my app a Featured app ?

A Featured app is highlighted in the app list and shown before any others.
To become a Featured app, a package has to follow the following rules:

  • The app should already be a High Quality app.
  • The upstream app should be accessible and well made.
  • The app should be interesting and demanded by the community.
  • The app should fit the spirit of YunoHost.

Please note that the exact process to decide which apps are going to be Featured, and for how many time, isn't yet defined...

To make an app a Featured app, technically, you have to add the tag "featured": true.

    "wallabag": {
        "branch": "master",
        "high_quality": true,
        "featured": true,
        "revision": "HEAD",
        "url": "",
        "state": "working"

What to do if I can't maintain my app anymore ?

If you don't have time anymore to maintain an app, you can update its status to inform users and packagers that you will not maintain it anymore.
In order to do so, use the tag "maintained":.
This tag can have 5 different values:

  • "maintained": true That's the default value if the tag isn't present for your app. That simply means that this app is maintained.
  • "maintained": "request_help" Use that value to inform other packagers that you need help to maintain this app. You'll then be more than one maintainer for this apps.
  • "maintained": "request_adoption" Use that value to inform other packagers, as well as users, that you're going to give up that app. So that you would like another maintainer to take care of it.
  • "maintained": false or "maintained": "orphaned" This value means that this app is no longer maintained... That means also that a packager can declare himself/herself as its new maintainer.
    Please contact the Apps group if you want to take care of an unmaintained app.

If you want to modify the status of one of your apps, for any reason, please consider informing the community via the forum. Users would probably be glad to be informed that an app they use will become unmaintained.

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