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YunoHost installation scripts


The script install_yunohost will install YunoHost on a Debian system.

Only Debian 8 (aka Jessie) systems running with systemd - which is generally the default - are supported.

Basic usage

Go into a temporary folder, e.g. /tmp:

$ cd /tmp

Get the install script:

$ wget

Execute the script:

$ bash install_yunohost

If something goes wrong, you can check the installation logs saved in /var/log/yunohost-installation.log

Advanced usage

The script supports a number of positional arguments:

$ bash install_yunohost -h
Usage :
  install_yunohost [-a] [-d <DISTRIB>] [-h]

Options :
  -a      Enable automatic mode. No questions are asked.
          This does not perform the post-install step.
  -d      Choose the distribution to install ('stable', 'testing', 'unstable').
          Defaults to 'stable'
  -h      Prints this help and exit

By specifying -a, the installation will be performed without asking any question. This is useful for fully automated headless installations. The post-installation will need to be performed later.

The -d <DISTRIB> switch is mostly for advanced users who want to install the bleeding edge versions of YunoHost packages.

Issues, Feedback

Please report issues here :