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Build those damn .deb's

How this shit works


The script is here to be able to easily redeploy the whole ecosystem on a new machine.

Scripts to handle common tasks

  • ynh-build, to build a new version of Yunohost packages from the git repositories
  • build_deb (in /scripts/, which is used by ynh-build but can also be used to manually build stuff like metronome ...)

Tools used

  • pbuilder build the packages (using dpkg-buildpackage I believe)
  • rebuildd handles 'build jobs' (gets notified by
  • reprepro manages the HTTP(S) repo in /var/www/repo/debian/
  • nginx to serve the repo
  • (not yet repaired?) a custom service to handle hooks from github


These services should be running for everything to work properly

  • rebuildd
  • rebuildd-httpd (and nginx) to have "nice" interface to monitor and read build logs
  • (not yet repaired?) the github webhook handling service

Useful commands

  • rebuildd-job list to list jobs
  • rebuildd starts the rebuildd server/daemon - for now I have to start it manually and disown it. The service should be working but there's some weird stuff about lxc making it crashed ?
  • rebuildd-httpd starts the monitoring/log web interface - same as rebuildd, gotta start it manually for now :/
  • in /var/www/repo/debian, you can list available packages with reprepro list jessie

Misc notes

Hooks thingy

At the start of the build, pbuilder will call the hooks in scripts/pbuilder/hooks

If you need to rebuild custom packages (for instance, metronome ?)

  • See scripts/ynh-custom-builds

Chroot images

  • To build stuff, pbuilder needs to chroot in environnement.
  • These are contained in images/$dist-$arch.tgz
  • You can rebuild them from images/make-images

'Packages' are generally 'source packages' for debian people

Interesting note from this page

an maintainers, packages are source packages, not binary packages. They never interact directly with the internals binary packages. In fact only 'dpkg-deb' and 'dpkg' developers need to know what they are. In fact it is not recommended to do so.

If a developer were to explain someone how to build a Debian package, he will certainly explain how to make a source package and how to build it.

On the other hand, not every developer wants to submit his software to Debian (yet), but still wants to profit from the advantages a packaging system like 'dpkg' offers without releasing package source code. Personally I will release my freeware projects still as tar.gz files with source code etc. for all kind of platforms, while I plan to offer more and more '.deb' packages for the convenience of Debian users who just want to install and use my software.

Relaunching a build manually with a shell ?

  • Copy the 'shell after error' hook : cp /usr/share/doc/pbuilder/examples/C10shell /home/vinaigrette/scripts/pbuilder/hooks/
  • cd /var/cache/rebuildd/build/
  • /home/vinaigrette/scripts/rebuildd/build-binaries stretch rspamd 1.6.4 armhf

Removing "conflicting" sources

  • Sometimes reprepro is an ass and wont let you add some sources because a supposedly more recent version already exists
  • To make it happy, you can use the undocumented removesrc feature :
reprepro removesrc <codename> <source-package-names> [<source-version>]

# For instance
 reprepro removesrc stretch yunohost-admin 3.0.0+201804281857

What do I do if a job crashed for some weird reason ?

Sometimes build crash for random reason and just relaunching them fixes the situation. But since that would be too simple, you can't just use the standard 'requeue' action of the rebuildd-job command because your job will end up in WAIT_LOCKED indifinetely -.- ...

Instead, you can re-add the job for the corresponding architecture. See ./scripts/rebuildd-job add --help.