@opi opi released this Feb 20, 2017

## Important changes

  • [enh] Add unit test mechanism (#254)
  • [fix] Any address in the range is a valid loopback address for localhost
  • [enh] include script to reset ldap password (#217)
  • [enh] Set main domain as hostname (#219)
  • [enh] New bash helpers for app scripts: ynh_system_user_create, ynh_system_user_delete, helper ynh_find_port

Thanks to every contributors (Bram, Aleks, Maniack Crudelis, ZeHiro, opi, julienmalik). <3



@opi opi released this Feb 18, 2017

Hotfix release

[fix] Update Rmilter configuration to fix dkim signing.
[fix] Any address in the range is a valid loopback address

Thanks to every contributors & testers



@opi opi released this Feb 9, 2017 · 3 commits to stable since this release

Hotfix release by ljf : Fix permission issue on install of some apps (Bugtracker issue)

Commit : cc77cd7



@opi opi released this Feb 2, 2017 · 5 commits to stable since this release

Stable release including changes made in v2.5.0, v2.5.1, v2.5.2, v2.5.3 and v2.5.3.1 testing releases.
See the release announcement on our forum.

Significant changes:

  • Let's Encrypt support \o/
  • Lot of fixes with nscd, slapd and LDAP
  • Support installation of apps with Git submodules
  • SSOwat configuration cleanup
  • Add haveged as dependency, fix entropy issue
  • Dovecot configuration cleanup
  • Update translations (French, German, Hindi, Spanish)

Thanks to all contributors <3



@Psycojoker Psycojoker released this Jan 10, 2017 · 85 commits to testing since this release

Super quickfix release for a typo that break LE certificates.



@Psycojoker Psycojoker released this Jan 9, 2017 · 89 commits to testing since this release


  • [enh][love] Add CONTRIBUTORS.md

Let's Encrypt / Certificate mangement

  • [enh] Check acme challenge conf exists in nginx when renewing cert
  • [fix] Fix a bad validity check when trying to renew
  • [fix] Adding check that domain is resolved locally when installing a LE cert
  • [fix] Fix a situation where a cert could end up with bad perms for metronome


  • [fix] No more socket activation for rspamd
  • [fix] fail2ban rules now take into account failed login attempts on ssowat
  • [fix] Ignore dyndns option is not needed with small domain
  • [enh] Add yaml syntax check in travis.yml
  • [mod] Autopep8 on all files that aren't concerned by a PR
  • [fix] Add timeout to fetchlist's wget

Thanks to all contributors: Aleks, Bram, ju, ljf, opi, zimo2001 and to the
people who are participating to the beta and giving us feedback <3



@Psycojoker Psycojoker released this Dec 15, 2016 · 116 commits to testing since this release

LDAP admin user
  • [fix] Wait for admin user to be available after a slapd regen-conf. This fixes an issue arising during install on slow hardware/vps.
  • [enh] Reorder dovecot main configuration, so that it is easier to read and extend
  • [enh] Allow for dovecot configuration extensions
  • [fix] Check if dovecot is up to fetch mailbox used space
  • [fix] Create archives_path even for custom output directory
  • [fix] Keep track of backups with custom directory (using symlinks)
  • [fix] Improve dnssec key generation on low entropy devices
  • [enh] Add haveged as dependency to increase available entropy (relevant for virtual servers)
Random broken app installed on slow hardware
  • [enh] List available domains when installing an app by CLI.
  • French by Jibec and Genma
  • German by Philip Gatzka
  • Hindi by Anmol
  • Spanish by Juanu
Other fixes and improvements
  • [enh] Remove timeout from cli interface
  • [fix] Missing 'python-openssl' dependency for Let's Encrypt integration.
  • [fix] --no-remove-on-failure for app install should behave as a flag.
  • [fix] Don't remove trailing char if it's not a slash, when generating SSOwat conf

Thanks to all contributors: Aleks, alex, Anmol, Bram, Genma, jibec, ju,
Juanu, ljf, Moul, opi, Philip Gatzka and to the people who are participating
to the beta and giving us feedback <3



@Psycojoker Psycojoker released this Dec 11, 2016 · 168 commits to testing since this release

Here is the changelog of this release:

SSOwat conf
  • #532, #170
  • [fix] : Raise error on malformed SSOwat persistent conf.
  • [enh] Catch SSOwat persistent configuration write error.
  • [fix] Write SSOwat configuration file only if needed.
  • [enh] Display full exception error message.
  • [mod] give instructions on how to solve the conf.json.persistant parsing error
  • [Apps][enh] #192: --no-remove-on-failure cli option to avoid removing an application on installation failure
Nscd, admin
  • [fix] avoid random bug on post-install due to nscd cache
  • [fix] #203, #656: Add missing dependency to nscd package
  • [enh] #191: Adding check that user is actually created + minor refactor of ldap/auth init
  • [Let's’encrypt][fix] #199: Fix the way name of self-CA is determined
  • [Apps][fix] #187: Refactoring tools_maindomain and disabling removal of main domain to avoid breaking things
  • [App helper][fix] #205: Bracket in passwd from ynh_string_random

This is a mostly a big bugfix release (except the new cli option that is used for development).

Thanks to all contributors for making this possible: @alexAubin, @Psycojoker, @julienmalik, @Jibec, @zamentur, @M5oul, @opi ❤️ (and all the people who have reported bugs and so one, that we have probably forgot)



@opi opi released this Dec 1, 2016 · 210 commits to testing since this release

_Testing Release_

  • [Certificate][enh] #180: Certificate management integration (e.g. Let's Encrypt certificate install)
  • [Apps][fix] #174, #533: Support git ynh app install with submodules
  • [enh] display file path on file_not_exist error
  • [mod] move a part of os.system calls to native shutil/os
  • [App/backup][fix] #184, #593: Can't restore app on a root domain
  • [Readme][enh] #183: Complete Readme.
  • Lots of code cleaning and optimization, pep8 and other coding standard stuff

Thanks to all contributors: @alexAubin, @Psycojoker, @Jibec, @zamentur, @M5oul
Kudos to @alexAubin for leading the Let's Encrypt integration to YunoHost core \o/



@jeromelebleu jeromelebleu released this Aug 14, 2016 · 260 commits to stable since this release

New bug fixes stable release

  • Ensure that multi_instance key value is always a boolean - see PR #173