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funJSON - JSON with functions (methods)

Implementation of reviver and replacer functions for JSON parser to stringify, detect and parse methods as strings. Works in browser and node, no dependencies.


In a browser just load a script:

<script src="funJSON.js"></script>

Using npm:

npm i --save funjson

Basic Usage

//const funJSON = require('funjson');//require for node

var obj = {
      //some comment here
      console.log('fa Hello ' + name);
      return 'fa Hello ' + name;
    //some comment here
    console.log('f Hello ' + name);
    return 'f Hello ' + name;

var str = funJSON.stringify(obj,null,2);// same syntax as for JSON.stringify
var obj2 = funJSON.parse(str);// same syntax as for JSON.parse

str = funJSON.stringifyToScript(obj,null,2);// generate JavaScript string.
//Useful for letting user edit it in some code editor for example.
eval('obj2 = '+str);


  • JSON - standard JSON parser to use. If not ovveridden, native JSON will be used by default.
  • noConflict():funJSON - returns funJSON and restores global var 'funJSON' with previous value.
  • parse(text[,reviver]):object - parses JSON string into object with methods.
    • text - JSON string
    • reviver(key, value) - optional function to customize deserialization. Note that your reviver will be called before funJSON will check the value if it's a function, so funJSON will take modified value as an input.
  • detect(obj,key,value):bool - funJSON uses this method to detect if given key/value pair is a method. By default it's a simple regex. Feel free to override this method, if you want to use some special convention about function detection.
    • obj - object owning this key/value
    • key - key to check
    • value - value to check
  • reviver(obj,key,value): - inner reviver function. Uses 'detect' method to check if given key/value is a method, and if so, 'eval'(oh noes, don't tell anybody) candidate string to instantiate a function and assign it to corresponding key.
    • obj - object owning this key/value. Function will(may) be assigned here.
    • key - key to check
    • value - value to check
  • stringify(value[, replacer[, space]]):string - serializes object with methods into string.
    • value - object to serialize
    • replacer(key, value) - optional function(array with white list currently unsupported) to modify value before serialization. Will be called before funJSON inner replacer.
    • space - optional, defines how many spaces to use for pretty JSON indentation.
  • replacer(obj,key,value) - inner replacer used to detect and serialize methods. Simply checks if given value is function, and if so - returns it's toString(). You may want to override it to implement your custom function detect/stringify convention.
  • stringifyToScript(value[, replacer[, space]]):string - serializes object with methods into JavaScript string. All the functions renders as is, not as escaped strings values.
  • replacerToScript(obj, key, value, functions) - inner replacer used to collect functions from the object, unwrap them from strings values in result script.

Any feedback is welcome.