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A very simple windows EXE packing tool,

for learning or investigating PE structure.

Designed by devseed.


::cmdline or drag the file on simpledpack.exe
simpledpack inpath [outpath]
simpledpack64 inpath [outpath]


  • some of the windows EXE packing, with pe32 and pe64 (I have test the hello world program packing)
  • using LZMA for pack multi sections (except rsrc section)
  • the shell code are compiled in DLL by C, then appended in exe after adjusting each of the address recorded in .reloc.
  • it can be easily to expand


[dpack packing project]
debugtry.c       // functions to debug
WinConsole.cpp   // cmd shellPeInfo.cpp			  
CPInfo.cpp       // base class CPEinfo to inspect pe	files, such as addr converter
CPEedit.cpp      // a class to edit the pe structure
SimpleDpack.cpp  // base class CSimpleDpack to pack pe

[dpack shell dll]
simpledpackshell.cpp    // shell code to start packed pe

[packing program code]
dpackProc.c	    // pack functions
dunpackProc.c   // unpack functions
dpackType.c     // structures decleare

versions log:

  • v0.1(initial release)
    • lzma compress only code section in win32 exe
    • c++ class to resolve pe(win32 exe),util fuctions
    • relocate the shell codes dll(c) and add in win32 exe
  • v0.1.1 update the tool to vs2019
  • v0.2 rewrite some code and make it more clear, merge the pe32 and pe64 structure
  • v0.3 refracts the class and code, removing useless code, to make it more easy to understand
  • v0.3.1 make pack program workflow clean
  • v0.3.2 appendSection, savePe rewrite, merge the shellcode and packed data into one section
  • v0.4 multi section (except rsrc) pack finished!
  • v0.5 x64 supprot!
  • v0.5.1 fixed IAT FT pointer to OFT problem
  • v0.5.2 fix reloc problem, compatible with windows XP, change code to utf8bom
  • v0.5.3 fix the problem by GetProcAddress when using ordinal

coming soon(maybe...):

  • pack multi sections (done)
  • win64 pe (done)
  • ~~improve the compatibility ? (I don't know why some of the x64 exe can not start after changing OEP...)~~fixed in v0.5.3
  • ...