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`timescale 1ns/100ps
`define RstEnable 1'b1
`define HoldEnable 1'b1
`define BranchEnable 1'b1
`define WriteEnable 1'b1
`define ReadEnable 1'b1
`define ChipEnable 1'b1
`define Overflow 1'b1
`define ImmSign 1'b1
// MemOrAlu
`define ALU 1'b1
`define Mem 1'b0
`define Rs 1'b1
`define Shamt 1'b0
`define Imm 1'b1
`define Rt 1'b0
`define Rd 1'b1
`define Rt 1'b0
`define ByteSlctWidth 4
`define MemAddrWidth 32
`define MemDataWidth 32
`define InstAddrWidth 32
`define InstDataWidth 32
`define OpcodeWidth 6
`define FunctWidth 6
`define ImmWidth 16
`define AddrWidth 26
`define OpcodeBus 31:26
`define FunctBus 5:0
`define RsBus 25:21
`define RtBus 20:16
`define RdBus 15:11
`define SaBus 10:6
`define ImmBus 15:0
`define AddrBus 25:0
`define ZeroWord 32'b0
`define RegNum 32
`define RegAddrWidth 5
`define RegDataWidth 32
`define ByteBus 7:0
`define HalfWordBus 15:0
`define ALUTypeWidth 3
`define ALUOpWidth 2
// alu Type
`define ALU_ADD_SUB 3'b000
`define ALU_MUL_DIV 3'b001
`define ALU_LOGIC 3'b010
`define ALU_SHIFT 3'b011
`define ALU_COMP 3'b100
`define ALU_OTHER 3'b101
// alu Opcode
`define Add 2'b00
`define Addu 2'b10
`define Sub 2'b01
`define Subu 2'b11
`define Mult 2'b00
`define Multu 2'b10
`define Div 2'b01
`define Divu 2'b11
`define And 2'b00
`define Or 2'b10
`define Xor 2'b01
`define Nor 2'b11
`define Sll 2'b00
`define Srl 2'b01
`define Sra 2'b11
`define Mfhi 2'b00
`define Mflo 2'b01
`define Lui 2'b10
`define Slt 2'b00
`define Sltu 2'b01
// MIPS opcode
`define mips_R 6'h0
`define mips_j 6'h2
`define mips_jal 6'h3
`define mips_beq 6'h4
`define mips_bne 6'h5
`define mips_addi 6'h8
`define mips_addiu 6'h9
`define mips_slti 6'ha
`define mips_andi 6'hc
`define mips_ori 6'hd
`define mips_xori 6'he
`define mips_lui 6'hf
`define mips_lb 6'h20
`define mips_lh 6'h21
`define mips_lw 6'h23
`define mips_lbu 6'h24
`define mips_lhu 6'h25
`define mips_sb 6'h28
`define mips_sh 6'h29
`define mips_sw 6'h2b
// MIPS funct
`define mips_jr 6'd8
`define mips_sll 6'd0
`define mips_srl 6'd2
`define mips_sra 6'd3
`define mips_sllv 6'd4
`define mips_srlv 6'd6
`define mips_srav 6'd7
`define mips_mfhi 6'd16
`define mips_mflo 6'd18
`define mips_mult 6'd24
`define mips_multu 6'd25
`define mips_div 6'd26
`define mips_divu 6'd27
`define mips_add 6'd32
`define mips_addu 6'd33
`define mips_sub 6'd34
`define mips_subu 6'd35
`define mips_and 6'd36
`define mips_or 6'd37
`define mips_xor 6'd38
`define mips_nor 6'd39
`define mips_slt 6'd42
`define mips_sltu 6'd43
// forwarding info
`define FWOrigin 2'b00
`define FWMem 2'b01
`define FWWB 2'b10
`define FW_LS_Origin 1'b0
`define FW_LS_WB 1'b1
`define FW_br_Origin 2'b00
`define FW_br_EX_ALU 2'b01
`define FW_br_MEM_MEM 2'b10
`define FW_br_MEM_ALU 2'b11