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`include "define.v"
module regfile(
input clk,
input rst,
// write port
input[`RegAddrWidth-1:0] waddr,
input[`RegDataWidth-1:0] wdata,
input we,
// read port1
input re1,
input[`RegAddrWidth-1:0] raddr_1,
output reg[`RegDataWidth-1:0] rdata_1,
// read port2
input re2,
input[`RegAddrWidth-1:0] raddr_2,
`ifdef DEBUG
output reg[`RegDataWidth-1:0] rdata_2,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg0,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg1,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg2,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg3,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg4,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg5,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg6,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg7,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg8,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg9,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg10,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg11,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg12,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg13,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg14,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg15,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg16,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg17,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg18,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg19,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg20,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg21,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg22,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg23,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg24,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg25,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg26,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg27,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg28,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg29,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg30,
output[`RegDataWidth-1:0] reg31
`ifndef DEBUG
output reg[`RegDataWidth-1:0] rdata_2
reg[`RegDataWidth-1:0] regs[`RegNum-1:0];
`ifdef DEBUG
assign reg0 = regs[0];
assign reg1 = regs[1];
assign reg2 = regs[2];
assign reg3 = regs[3];
assign reg4 = regs[4];
assign reg5 = regs[5];
assign reg6 = regs[6];
assign reg7 = regs[7];
assign reg8 = regs[8];
assign reg9 = regs[9];
assign reg10 = regs[10];
assign reg11 = regs[11];
assign reg12 = regs[12];
assign reg13 = regs[13];
assign reg14 = regs[14];
assign reg15 = regs[15];
assign reg16 = regs[16];
assign reg17 = regs[17];
assign reg18 = regs[18];
assign reg19 = regs[19];
assign reg20 = regs[20];
assign reg21 = regs[21];
assign reg22 = regs[22];
assign reg23 = regs[23];
assign reg24 = regs[24];
assign reg25 = regs[25];
assign reg26 = regs[26];
assign reg27 = regs[27];
assign reg28 = regs[28];
assign reg29 = regs[29];
assign reg30 = regs[30];
assign reg31 = regs[31];
// reset all regs
always @(posedge clk) begin : proc_reset
integer i;
if (rst == `RstEnable) begin
for (i = 0; i < `RegNum; i = i + 1)
regs[i] <= 0;
// write operation
// Now set the write process finish by the first half of the period
always @(negedge clk) begin : proc_write
if (rst == ~`RstEnable)
if ((we == `WriteEnable) && (waddr != `RegAddrWidth'b0))
regs[waddr] <= wdata;
// read port1
always @(*) begin : proc_read1
if (re1 == `ReadEnable && rst == ~`RstEnable)
rdata_1 <= regs[raddr_1];
rdata_1 <= `ZeroWord;
// read port2
always @(*) begin : proc_read2
if (re2 == `ReadEnable && rst == ~`RstEnable)
rdata_2 <= regs[raddr_2];
rdata_2 <= `ZeroWord;