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3ch is a fork of saguaro that adds a few minor changes, this is mainly here so it is easier to update https://3chan.co/



Saguaro imgboard

This has been cobbled together from stuff I myself have written and the contributions of others, named in the line I copied and pasted from the old readme just below this one:
"Special thanks to !KNs1o0VDv6, Glas, Anonymous from vchan, RePod, Apogate and anyone who actually uses this."

Should I use this or saguaro?

You should use saguaro because 3ch is possibly unstable.

Installation Dependencies

  • PHP >= 4.2.x (PHP 5 or newer is also recommended)
  • MySQL >= 4.0
  • GD 2.x
  • FFmpeg or libav (avconv) for WebMs

Installation tutorial:

Additional support

Testing, Development, and Contributing


While there is no official licensing info due to this being a fork of a fork [...], a lot of great people have worked on saguaro (in spirit) and leaving in credits (specifically in the page's footer, S_FOOT) attributing them is very much appreciated.