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General, board-specific settings.
define(LANGUAGE, 'en-us'); //Language to use. See "_core/lang/" folder for available languages.
define(TITLE, 'Saguaro Imageboard!'); //Name of the board.
define(S_HEADSUB, 'No artificial sweeteners!'); //Board subtitle.
define(S_DESCR, 'An imageboard powered by saguaro'); //meta description for this board
MySQL information.
The database and tables are created automatically using these values.
Scroll below to the MySQL Advanced section for additional options.
define(SQLUSER, 'username');
define(SQLPASS, 'password');
define(SQLHOST, 'localhost');
define(SQLDB, 'saguaro'); //Database used by image board.
define(PREFIX, 'imgboard'); //Prefix to automatically use for the database tables.
Something descriptive.
define(PANEL_PASS, 'CHANGEME'); //Staff action key (CHANGE THIS YO)
define(SITE_ROOT, '');//Site domain.
define(BOARDLIST, ''); //the text file that contains your boardlist, displayed at both header and footer [a/b/c/][d/e/f/] etc.
define(GLOBAL_NEWS, 'CHANGEME'); //Absolute html path to your global board news file. Appears below post form, above index body
define(SALTFILE, 'salt'); //Name of the salt file, do not add a file extension for security
//Basic settings
define(NSFW_BOARD, false); //Whether or not this is a NSFW(Red/Saguaba or blue/Sagurichan) board. Also affects mobile theme.
define(SHOWTITLETXT, true); //Show TITLE at top. False: hide title, True: display title (Setting this to 2 will show "/{your BOARD_DIR value}/ - {Your TITLE value}"
define(SHOWTITLEIMG, false); //Show image at top
define(TITLEIMG, ''); //Title image (point to an img rotating script if you want rotating banners)
define(DATE_FORMAT, 'm/d/y'); //Formatting for the date in each post, see for different options
Specialized board settings - a board with specific purpose
define(GIF_ONLY, false); //GIF upload only imageboard.
Posting, threads, and images.
define(PAGE_DEF, 10); //Threads per page.
define(PAGE_MAX, 10); //Maximum number of pages, posts that are pushed past the last page are deleted.
define(LOG_MAX, 1500); //Maximum number of posts to store in the table.
define(UPDATE_THROTTLING, false); //Leave this as 0 unless you recieve /a lot/ of traffic
define(SHOW_BLOTTER, false); //Experimental. Added to the top of each board, ex: ex:
define(BLOTTER_PATH, 'CHANGEME'); //Experimental. Absolute html path to your blotter file, this feature is experimental and still is not fully functional.
define(JANITOR_CAPCODES, false); //Allow janitors to post with a capcode
// Post & Thread
define(USE_BBCODE, false); //Use BBcode
define(DICE_ROLL, false); //Allow users to roll /dice in the name field
define(FORTUNE_TRIP, false); //Allows users to recieve a #fortune in the namefield
define(FORCED_ANON, false); //Force anonymous on this board.
define(DISP_ID, false); //Display user IDs.
define(MAX_LINES, 50); //Max # of line breaks allowed for a post
define(MAX_LINES_SHOWN, 20); //Maximum number of user lines shown in the index before they are abbreviated
define(S_POSTLENGTH, 3000); //Maximum character length of posts
define(NOPICBOX, false); //Whether or not to have the [No Picture] checkbox.
define(USE_THUMB, true); //Use thumbnails.
define(PROXY_CHECK, true); //Enable proxy check.
define(RENZOKU, 10); //Seconds between posts (floodcheck)
define(RENZOKU2, 15); //Seconds between image posts (floodcheck)
define(RENZOKU3, 13); //Seconds between thread creation (floodcheck)
define(MAX_RES, 500); //Maximum thread bumps from posts.
define(MAX_IMGRES, 300); //Maximum thread bumps from images
define(EVENT_STICKY_RES, 1500); //The number of replies allowed to an event sticky before in-thread pruning begins. These stickies self delete the oldest posts once the number of replies exceeds this number.
define(S_OMITT_NUM, 5); //number of posts to display in each thread on the index.
define(BOTCHECK, false); //Use CAPTCHAs
define(RECAPTCHA, false); //Use reCaptcha instead of the default captcha. Requires the SITEKEY and SECRET to be set below.
define(RECAPTCHA_SITEKEY, "");//reCaptcha public key.
define(RECAPTCHA_SECRET, "");//reCaptcha secret key.
define(DUPE_CHECK, true); //whether or not to check for duplicate images
define(MAX_KB, 2048); //Maximum upload size in KB
define(ALLOW_WEBMS, false); //This feature currently has prequisites. Please visit before enabling.
define(ALLOW_AUDIO, false); //If true, allows WebMs containing an audio stream.
define(MAX_DURATION, 60); //The maximum duration allowed in seconds.
//RePod's JS suite. The majority of these should remain disabled until the suite is updated (as of 11-14-15)
define(USE_JS_SETTINGS, true); //Include the JS suite's settings - enables user side configuration.
define(USE_IMG_HOVER, true); //Image hover
define(USE_IMG_TOOLBAR, true); //Image search toolbar
define(USE_IMG_EXP, true); //Image expansion
define(USE_UTIL_QUOTE, true); //Utility quotes1
define(USE_INF_SCROLL, false); //Infinite scroll
define(USE_UPDATER, false); //Thread updater
define(USE_THREAD_STATS, true);
define(USE_EXTRAS, true); //Automatically include all .js files in JS_PATH/extra/
define(CSS1, '/stylesheets/saguaba.css'); //location of the first stylesheet.
define(CSS2, '/stylesheets/sagurichan.css'); //location of the second stylesheet.
define(CSS3, '/stylesheets/tomorrow.css'); //location of the third stylesheet.
//define(CSS4, '/stylesheets/CHANGEME.css'); //location of the fourth stylesheet.
define(EXTRA_SHIT, ''); //Any extra javascripts you want to include inside the <head>
define(USE_ADS1, false); //Use advertisements (top)
define(ADS1, '<center>ads ads ads</center>'); //advertisement code (top)
define(USE_ADS2, false); //Use advertisements (below post form)
define(ADS2, '<center>ads ads ads</center>'); //advertisement code (below post form)
define(USE_ADS3, false); //Use advertisements (bottom)
define(ADS3, '<center>ads ads ads</center>'); //advertisement code (bottom)
Security settings.
The defaults here are recommended.
define(SECURE_LOGIN, true); //Enable CAPTCHA on staff login page.
Advanced settings.
Everything past here should "just work" based on settings defined above, only needing fine tuning for enthusiasts.
Specifically, anything user-unfriendly that a typical single (non-scaled multi-) board installation wouldn't need to worry about.
//Debug mode can display sensitive data that could be exploited, which is a huge security concern.
//This should be left off except when trying to find problems.
define(DEBUG_MODE, false);
MySQL tables. Only change these if defaults are not desired.
By default, these tables are generated unique per-board.
To share tables (login, bans, posts, etc.) between boards, delete PREFIX. or see the wiki page:
define(SQLLOG, PREFIX); //Table for posting information.
define(SQLBANLOG, PREFIX.'_ban'); //Table for ban information.
define(SQLMODSLOG, PREFIX.'_mod'); //Table for mod information (authentication).
define(SQLDELLOG, PREFIX.'_del'); //Table for deleted information.
//URL pathing.
define(SITE_SUFFIX, preg_replace('/^.*\.(\w+)$/', '\1', SITE_ROOT));//Domain TLD. By default, this is obtained automatically with regex using SITE_ROOT.
define(BOARD_DIR, basename(__DIR__)); //Folder name of board, EX: /ba/ would be ba. Defaults to the current folder's name.
define(PHP_EXT, '.html'); //Extension used for board pages after first
define(PHP_SELF, 'imgboard.php'); //Name of main script file
define(PHP_SELF2, 'index'.PHP_EXT); //Name of main htm file
define(PHP_ASELF, 'admin.php'); // Name of Admin file
define(PHP_ASELF_ABS, '//'.SITE_ROOT.'/'.BOARD_DIR.'/'.PHP_ASELF); //Path to admin file
define(PHP_SELF_ABS, '//'.SITE_ROOT_BD.'/'.PHP_SELF); // Absolute path from the site to the imgboard.php, ex:
define(PHP_SELF2_ABS, '//'.SITE_ROOT_BD.'/'.PHP_SELF2); // Absolute path from the site to the INDEX.html, ex:
define(DATA_SERVER, '//'.SITE_ROOT.'/'); //Your site's root html path, WITH a trailing slash, ex:
define(CSS_PATH, '//'.SITE_ROOT_BD.'/css/'); //absolute html path to the css folder with the trailing slash
define(HOME, '..'); //Site home directory (up one level by default)
//Working directories.
define(CORE_DIR, '_core/'); //Local path to the "_core" directory, which contains the main assets of Saguaro.
define(CORE_DIR_PUBLIC, '//'.SITE_ROOT_BD.'/'.CORE_DIR); //Public URL path to _core folder.
define(RES_DIR, 'res/'); //Stores cached threads.
define(IMG_DIR, 'src/'); //Stores images.
define(THUMB_DIR,'thumb/'); //Stores thumbnails.
define(PLUG_PATH, 'plugins/'); //Plugins folder.
define(PLUG_PATH_PUBLIC, '//'.SITE_ROOT_BD.'/'.PLUG_PATH); //Public URL path to plugins folder.
define(JS_PATH, PLUG_PATH_PUBLIC.'jquery'); //jQuery folder. (usually in the plugins folder)
//Posting and Threads
define(CACHE_TTL, true); //Thread caching
define(EXPIRE_NEGLECTED, true); //Bump old posts off the last page
define(S_SAGE, 'sage'); //What to change sage to
define(COUNTRY_FLAGS, false); //Display poster's country flag with each post
define(S_ANONAME, 'Anonymous'); //Default name of all users who do not use a name
//Image uploading.
define(MAX_W, 250); //OP images exceeding this width will be thumbnailed
define(MAX_H, 250); //OP images exceeding this height will be thumbnailed
define(MAXR_W, 125); //Image replies exceeding this width will be thumbnailed
define(MAXR_H, 125); //Image replies exceeding this height will be thumbnailed
define(MIN_W, 30); //minimum image dimensions - width
define(MIN_H, 30); //minimum image dimensions - height
$badstring = [""]; // Refused text. Currently unused by Regist.
$badfile = ["dummy", "dummy2"]; //Refused files (md5 hashes). Currently unused by Regist.
include(CORE_DIR . "/lang/language.php");
if (DEBUG_MODE == true) {
error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE);